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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Role of HK NGO in Food Safety Ipsum Hong Kong Organic Farming Association Manufacturing &Retailing Production Produce Green Foundation Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency Green Peace Role:-Promote the replacement of industrial farming by organic farming -Improve human health -Promote Food SafetyPrevious work:-Local farmers:develop organic farming techniques -Develop Seed Bank: Traditional quality seeds without genetic-engeenering Role:-Promote organic farming:set up first organic farms -Promote community gardening: set up organic gardens in schools & local communities -Education: -Farm Tutor Training -Organic Farming ActivitiesOutcome: Produce safe organic farm products Consumer Role :-To ensure the food quality and safety -Product complain collection and verification -Product testing -Food product report release -To empower consumer through education -Education programs for vulnerable groupsLatest news (Food safety alert):Excessive metallic contaminants found in two dried mushroom samples Role:-Certification service ISO 22000 The Wine Storage Management Systems Certification Scheme -Assessment services Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme -Verification services -Training Services Hygiene, Food Safety & Wine Storage double click to change this header text! Role:-To protect food from dangerous chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients e.g.stricten testings on food pesticides -To promote ecological and sustainable agriculture -To educate and encourage public to support sustainable and organic farming e.g."Shopping Guide to avoid GE food'
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