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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brave New World Science can be dangerous, as it influences people and their actions in both positive of negative ways. Happiness is attained by satisfying one's own desires. Is the cost of happiness really worth the sacrifice? The setting of the Hatchery,proves that science can bedangerous. It creates humansat a fast rate, as well asdetermining their personality.This calls for lack ofindividuality. They have nomind of their own, let alonefreedom or free will. The Bokanovsky Process createsover 10000 twins, all these can be identical.This leads to humanity being the same allaround. If everyone looks the same, typically,there would be confusion. However who youare does not matter in this type of world. The progression of John the Savageand his views on society exemplifiesthis idea. Pain demands to befelt. And he tries to portray this yetnobody seems to understand. He isnot ready to live the way everyone elsedoes and he pays the ultimate price ofhis life. Using hypnopaedia, the government conditionedthe human population. Regardless of what happensto them they will always be happy due to theirpredetermined life. They are trapped yet theWorld State believes this control will be the platform for universal happiness. The relationships men and womenhave with each other and howthey feel content seeing multipleothers portrays sacrifice. Due to conditioning, they never feelintimacy. All sex is just casual andthey never just have one significantother. The different technologies beingused are only created for stability.Soma symbolizes that science is dangerous. Soma is a drug thatallows escape of all negative emotions. It is used on peoplethat don't cooperate as well asused recreationally. - "And that ... is the secret ofhappiness and virtueliking whatyou've got to do. All conditioningaims at that: making people liketheir inescapable social destiny." Thomas, Ch. 1-"The world's stable now. People arehappy; they get what they want, andthey never want what they can't get...And if anything should go wrong,there's soma." Mond, Ch. 15 - "A gramme is better than a damn." Lenina Crowne, Ch. 6- "There's always soma to calm your anger, toreconcile you to your enemies, to make youpatient and long-suffering. In the past you couldonly accomplish these things by making a greateffort and after years of hard moral training. Now,you swallow two or three half-gramme tablets, andthere you are." Mond, Ch. 17 - ""Free, free!" the Savage shouted,and with one hand continued tothrow the soma into the areawhile, with the other, he punchedthe indistinguishable faces of hisassailants." John, Ch. 15- ""In fact', said Mustapha Mond, 'you'reclaiming the right to be unhappy.''All right then,' said the Savage defiantly,'I'm claiming the right to be unhappy.'" John and Mond, Ch. 17 -""I really do think you ought tobe careful. It's such horribly badform to go on and on like this withone man. At forty, or thirty-five, itwouldn't be so bad. But at yourage, Lenina! No, it really won't do." Fanny, Ch. 3- ""Lenina Crowne?" saidHenry Foster, echoing theAssistant Predestinator'squestion as he zipped up histrousers. "Oh, she's a splendidgirl. Wonderfully pneumatic. I'msurprised you haven't had her."" Henry, Ch. 3 - A squat greybuilding of only thirtyfour stories. Over themain entrance thewords, CENTRALLONDON HATCHERYAND CONDITIONINGCENTRE, and, in ashield, the WorldState's motto,COMMUNITY,IDENTITY, STABILITY." Narrator, Ch. 1- "One egg, oneembryo, one adultnormality. But abokanovskified eggwill bud, willproliferate, willdivide. From eightto ninety-six buds,and every bud willgrow into aperfectly formedembryo, and everyembryo into a fullsized adult. Makingninety-six humanbeings grow whereonly one grewbefore. Progress." Director, Ch 1 Krishna Thakkar
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