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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Party Loyalists Machine Politics Division Captians Captains establishedrelationships withfamilies by offering services such as finding jobs, legal problems and basic necessities. Individuals with city jobs obtained through the machine were expected to contribute 10%of their salary, participated in party works, and persuaded neighbors and family to supportthe party. Political Boss Political bosses are professional politicians who control political machines in cities, counties, or states in apparent democratic regimes. How it Works Political machines were political organizations that provided social jobs and services in exchange for votes. Political Machines were mainly located inlarger cities such as New York and Chicago. Immigrants were political machines' main target because they needed help in order to start their lives. They were also loyal and were ready to do anything in order to begin their lives. There were also hundreds of immigrants as well. A large percentage of these immigrants were Irish they werelooking for freedom,food and steady work.They were alsovery loyal. William Marcy Tweed was one of the biggest known political bosses in New York at the time. Tweed built an organization known as Tweed Ring.Through this organization Tweed and his allies engineered a new city charter that gave New York City control over its own budget. Tweed controlled any mayor in office, and appointed so many of his friends to political positions that in New York City that in 1870, he was able to pass a charter allowing him and his friend to control the city treasury. 1789 William Mooney founded the Tammany Societyin New York. 1830 The society's headquarters were established in a New York City, a building that became known as Tammany Hall. 1873 Tweed was arrested, found guilty of corruption, and sentenced to twelve years behind bars. He served only two years but was rearrested almost upon release. New York sued him for $6 million. Evan Sekervetz Pd 5
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