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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Chopped Produce Initiative is a project of Working Landscapes. Working Landscapes is a Warren County based non-profit whose mission is to create sustainable livelihoods for the people of Warren County.The Chopped Produce Initiatives aggregates, processes, and distributes locally grown, GAP certified collard greens and cabbage to institutionalbuyers, mainly school-districts. Working Landscapes Chopped Produce Initiative - 2014-15 Season Highlights Pounds of Produce Purchased from local farmers A pesar de tener un cubrimiento general del 27,4%,las publicaciones con indexacion en ISI alcanzan unamplio margen de cobertura sobre el Core; es decir,12.807 sobre 19.300 indica que la colección suscrita es de alto nivel de calidad. Number of K-12 students servedbi-weekly through the ChoppedProduce Iniative 1. 2. PUBLICACIONES 4 BIOLOGY 13 El Core de Ulrich's Indexa alrededor de 106.377 titulos en las areas relacionadas en las bases dedatos analizadas. Working Landscapes - 108 South Main Street - Warrenton, NC, 27589 - 252-257-0205 51% 73% 12,275 5% BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Number of Employees Number of Acres in Production Number of Cubic Feetof Cold Storage space added to our processing center in Warrenton MEDICAL SCIENCES 10% 3 El de los titulos indexadosanalizados se encuentran enmarcadosen 6 areas de 143 recuperadas porUlrich´s 1. 2. 100% 19,111 39% 61% 16.256 el es recuperable en + de 5 BD Collard Greens 7,377 Cabbage 11,734 39% Collards 0 20 40 60 80 100 January February March April May June July 13 10 Number of Acres in Production Number of Farmers 4 13 Number of GAPCertifications Achieved 7,200 4 2 2 Number of MinorityFarmers A Banner Year 19,111 7,377 Collards Collards 7,377 Number of Acres in Production Number of Buyers
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