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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Friends Amelia Earhart Ads Source News in the 1920s Information Neta Snook 4 likes Clearance Men's Black Wide Leg Pleated Trousers Unhemmed Phoebe Omlie Fred Noonan Frock and FrillCocktail dress/Party dress stone In 1920, the first hair dryer was invented. Even though the machine was not efficient enough and got overheated easily it was of course better than using a vacuum cleaner! In 1924, Johnson & Johnson produced Band-Aid on a massive scale and made Earle Dickson the Vice-President of the company. My friend Neta Snook was the first woman to run her own aviation business and commercial airfield.So i picked her to give me flying lessons at Kinner Field near Long Beach California, 4 likes My fashion line is perfect even though my clothesis not ritzzy I still love it. 4 likes 4 likes The new radio is so amazing because i get to find out what going on and communicate with other but a bit confusing. Hope everybody is enjoying the telegraph aswell as I am because its a blulenose. 4 likes Monday at 4:30pm Yesterday at 6:26pm 6 hours ago 54 minutes ago about a minute ago Today George propused to me and it was so swell of him to proposed to me infront of his family and my family. George Putnam Most of our newspapers are allowing people to express their culture. How can I resist reading all the culture stories that theirs in the news. 4 likes 4 likes 4 likes Wednesday at 2:15pm Thursday at 5:45pm Sunday at 3:25pm Thank you to the type pressing press books are mass production of print media.
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