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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How monsoons affect daily lives and phys. geo! How wet monsoons affect daily live The monsoons affect daily liveby giving people good soil to farmand grow good strong crops How wet monsoons affect Phys. geo. They can create land slides the ground will be very muddy and wet. How dry monsoons affect daily liveIt is hared to grow crops with very little water for the crops.It is haredfor people to grow food for there families and them to live.The ground will have crakes then the crops wont be able to grow How a dry monsoon affects Phys. geo. They can cause a droit that will causethe ground to dry up How Plate tectonics affect daily lives and phys. geo ! How plate tectonics affect daily live They can have a lose of air. It is hared to farm on a mountain because of all the rocks and a mountain has no flat spots for farfarming. It is hared to get good forms of transportation. It is hared to get water up to the mountain. How plate tectonics affect phys.geo They can form a mountain. Also they have no water at the top of the mountain. A mountain has a hight elevation. A monsoon is something that has strong winds and they make the ground realy dirty and muddy. How plate tectonics and monsoons are different What is a monsoon What is plate tectonics Plate tectonics are move meantin the earths crust that push formsof land together that form a mountain.
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