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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 > Government abuse > Economic Policies> Drought and Environment Ethiopia Causes (Centanni). > Severe drought in 1930-1940> Destruction of the Prairie Grasses.> Overgrazing also destroyed large areas of grassland. USACauses ("Dust"). > Homelessness> Starvation and Illness> Unemployment Solution of chronic hunger. ("World") Effects ("The Human"). Effects (Thurow). > It is the manifestation of malnutrition> Getting sick more often than your friends because of your weakened immune system> Malnutrition can prevent critical brain development. - Rich people felt no impact percentage of population ("The Great"). Percentage of population ("UN"). Ethiopia loses around 16.5 percent of it's GDP each year to the long-term effects of child malnutrition With nearly $70 million in new private sector investment. In 1932 only 1.5 percent of all government funds were spent on relief and averaged about $1.67 per citizens. Government Aid("The Great Depression"). Government Aid ("US"). Definition of chronic hunger. ("World') 1.) Hunger that never stops.2.) High infant mortality rates.3.) Vulnerability to common illnesses.4.) Increased risk of infections.5.) Acute vulnerability in times of disaster.6.) Impediments to development.7.) Impediments to economic growth. 1.)"Freedom From Hunger"-concert rates its service to the poorest nation's in the world. Global Hunger USA vs. Ethiopia
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