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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ChineseLanternFestival One of numerous the legends,explaining the origins of theChinese Lantern Festival:From heaven, a beautiful crane flew to earth. Villagers decided to hunt and kill it, and this angered Jade Emperor in heaven because this crane was his favorite. He planned to revenge and to destroy the village by the storm of fire on the fifteenth lunar day,and his daughter warned villagers about it.To escape, one villager suggested to surround every house by red lanterns, set up bonfires, and explode firecrackers and fireworks to make it look like village was already on fire. Seeing this, Emperor's troops returned back without harming the village. From thisday on, every fifteenth lunar day is followed in such disguise. 2015 Lantern Festival will be on march 5th. This Festival is always held on 15th day of Chinese New Year, presenting a farewell for the holiday and the last year. Also, it is the first night of fullmoon ("yuanxiao" on Chinese), so it is sometimes called Yuanxiao Festival. On this day, people also eat yuanxiao - moon-shaped sweet rice balls. The moon symbolizes peace, balance, and reunion of families. Chinese Lantern Festival is a very traditional celebration, its cultural significance involvesdifferent Chinese philosophies, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, etc.It also merges with western ideas nowadays,but main value stays the same - symbolizing good fortune in the future year. On the night of 15th lunar day, people write their wishes for the coming year and attach them on paper lanterns. Originally, the lanterns wereplain, but now they have beautiful and unique decorations.Color is usually red. People light the lanterns and let themfly up the sky, believing that they would reach the heaven and their wishes would be read there and will come true.
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