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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Today, distractions have reached epic levels. Here's where workers report spending time during the workday. Rise of the distractions As workplace interruptions trend higher, can productivity be saved? Office workers in the 80's had to deal with: Office gossip Personal phone conversations Meetings 37% visit online news sites* 2% check sports* 14% admit to online shopping* 15% waste time on Facebook* 8% read online news* Responding to email consumes 2.5 hours a day^ Unproductive meetings waste 31 hours a month** Time-wasting interruptions happen 56 times a day+ Workers today admit to wasting more than 4 hours a day on non-productive activities 10% browse LinkedIn for better jobs* At an hourly average of $32, that comes out to $640 a week $2,560 a month $30,720 a yearof wasted time per employee The boss How are organizations dealing with increased distractions? 50% have embraced BYOD with the hope to gain more control of mobile app usage1 32% have dedicated one day a week that's free from meetings2 There's a simple way to cut down on daily distractions on a piece of equipment your employees use over 12 times a day. 48% of companies block, throttle or ban the streaming of non-work related content3 See the new HP LaserJets. Built for the leaner, smarter, faster office > Sources* 2014 Workplace Survey**^ telephone survey conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Modis Throw in these old time favorites reinvented in a more hectic digital age
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