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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Healthy Behaviors Proper exercise can help you stay fitand healthy. You can reduce risk ofmajor illnesses by 50% and you canlower risk of early death by up to 30%.When you do not exercise properly and regularly you can contract minorillnesses such as a cold or the stomachflu. ProperExercise ProperSleep Proper sleep is when you sleepregularly and always get yourmaximum 10 hours of sleep.If you sleep well and get your10 hours you can keep fromgetting a cold or other minorillnesses, but if you don'tsleep well you can lose yourfocus and ability to work.In 2010 there was a testperformed on women agesof 50 to 79 and it showedthat more deaths occurredwhen they got less that 5hours of sleep. EatingHealthy Eating healthy can reducethe risk of diabetes andcan also help you stayillness-free and will leadto a longer life. A test wasconducted where if a person eats unhealthyyou are at a 66% chanceof productivity loss. AddictionProtection Drug Resistance is whenyou do not do drugs and stay away fromaddiction. This can helpbecause it can help keepyou from addiction to asubstance, which if ithappens it can cause severhealth issues or even death.If you get an addiction it cancause severe pain and evendamge to the immune system HumanConatct Human contact isone of the mostimportant thingsto our speciesbecause we needto not be alone.If you don't surroundyourself with goodpeople it can drive youinsane. StressManagment Stress managementis when you monitoryour stress levels andmake sure that they areat a good and healthylevel. If you don'tmonitor your stress youcan suffer from a heartattack or even pop a bloodvessel. VitaminSupplements Taking vitamin supplementscan increase your heartand other internal organsby giving them everythingthat they need. If youdon;t take vitamins dailyyour organs can fail youand you can even go intocardiac arrest. Screen timeManagement If you manage theamount of screen timeyou get a day you cansave your health andlive longer. You candevelop epilepsy ifyour have too muchscreen time.
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