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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gerdau Infrastructure Program (GIP) - 1 PAGE STRATEGY All Gerdau IT Users will have the ability to bring their own end-point device and use virtualized applications (VDI). The UC Strategy implements a new integrated architecture, supporting end user collaboration with several resources easy to use, and appropriate for each profile. BYOE and VDI UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS The strategy for workplace is leverage cloud solutions wherever possible, providing flexibility to IT users and enabling new resources. WORKPLACE ON CLOUD Centralizing Portal infrastructure will provide to end users the same experience in all Gerdau regions, with the same resources.. COLLABORATION PORTAL DATA CENTER FACILITIES The strategy for Data Center Facilities defines guiding principles and vision for data center location, real estate, operational resources and networklatency. DATA CENTER OPERATIONS A flexible and clear Data Center Operation Model will be adopted. Gerdau will keep the intelligence of IT infrastructure, outsourcing commoditized services and facilities.. DATA CENTER INFRASTRUCTURE Adoption of converged infrastructure and moving applications to Cloud IaaS will provide to Gerdau the required workload flexibility and agility. DISASTER RECOVERY Selected applications and services will receiveprotection based on cloud: Disaster Recovery as a Service and Backup as a Service providing flexibility and lower cost than dedicated infrastructure. SOFTWARE AND APPLICATION RATIONALIZATION The Software and Application Rationalization Strategywill reduce number of applications, leverage use of cloud and consolidate applications in one data center. NETWORK SERVICES The Network Services Strategy changes the WANarchitecture introducing local Internet connections, optimizing access to Internet based services, such as cloud IaaS and SaaS
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