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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Healthy Behaviors Relax Lorem Always have some sortof job going on, even beinga volunteer prevents obesityand stress but a high expectation job could leadto other unwanted stress Don'tRetire Do a physicalactivity at least1 hour a day. It canprevent obesity and keeps you in shape Exercise Stretch 10-15times a day. It preventsjoint issues but it causestrain to a muscle Stretch Hydration Drink eight 8 ounce cupseach day. You need waterto stay alive but you could overwhelm your body with too much. Breakfast Eat breakfast daily becauseyou need it for your bodyto operte properly High percentage ofpeople become obeseafter retirement Take 10 inutes to yourselfeach day. It releives stressthat could ultimately killyou but to much couldwaste your time Sleep Get 8 hours of sleep each nightso that you are energized and healthy, but too much sleep could lead to partial depression Sleep deprevationis the leading causeto mental illnesses Brush and floss twice a day itprevents gum disease and protectsyour teeth Stay close with your friendsit gives you the support youneed in life, but some friendscan cause unwanted drama and stress Stay Social Wake Early Wake up early to get a goodstart on the day but, you could fall behind in termsof sleep deprevation Links
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