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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hamlet The Lion King Characters HamletHamlet was a prince whoswore to get revenge on his evil uncle who killed father so he had murdered so he can be king. SimbaSimba is a young cub in the beginning of themovie who is tricked by his evil uncle into thinkinghe murdered his dad and that he has to run awaybut at the end of the movies he comes back andfinds out that it was his uncle who killed his dad so he killed him and took his spot back as king Hamlet Sr.we dont know much about Hamlet Sr other than he was the kinguntil he got killed by his brotherand that according to Hamlet Jrhe was a great king. Mufasa Mufasa was the king and the fatherof Simba until he got killed by hisbrother, Mufasa was respected by everyone and he was a great king. GertrudeGertrude was Hamlets mom andshe loved him a lot even after he goes insane. She also really loved Hamlet Sr.even though she in a way betrayed himby getting married to his brotherafter he gets murdered by him. SarabiSarabi is Simbas mom and she loved Simba and Mufasa with allher heart, after Mufasa dies andSimba runs away she tries to takecare of everyone while the new kingruns everything into a dump! OpheliaOphelia is Hamlets love and shebetrays him and spies on him,at the end of the movie she goes insane and dies. NalaWhen Nala and Simba were cubs they were best friends and they were supposed to get married when they got old.She convinces him to come backand help him when he needs her more Plot Hamlet The Lion King
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