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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monsoons vs Tectonics General info General info How it affects the daily life in South Asia How it affects daily life in South Asia How it affects physical geography How it affects physical geography Major differences Wet monsoons affect the way people live because floods and land slides can destroy farmers crops, peoples homes and take the lives of many people. They can also bring lots of water for hydration for the citizens. The wet monsoons have positive and negative impacts on the citizens that live there.The high amounts of water provide hydration and plenty of water for crops.The negative impacts are that floods and landslides destroy homes and can causedeath to many people. The dry monsoons can cause many negative impacts.There is little water and water is scarce. Farmers crops get destroyed and there animals could die fromno water. There are 2 different kinds of monsoons. There is wet and dry. They both come at different times and have many impacts on the community. One brings lotsof water and the other no hydration and little amountsof water. Wet monsoons can destroy animals habitats and the trees, etc. Animals will have no place to live. Dry monsoons will kill many plants and animals because there is little water forthe plants and animals to dink. Plate tectonics are responsible for the continental drift.Plate tectonics can create volcanoes and cause earthquakes. In this picture you can see how plate tectonics movedIndia to were it is now. Plate tectonics can affect daily life in South Asia because earthquakes can happen at random times causing destruction to homes and may kill many people.Sense plates created mountains, for the peoplethat live there its hard to breath sense there living in high altitude. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Plate tectonics can create volcanoes and the plates can make the volcano erupted and the magma or lavacan kill plants, animals and trees, etc. Major differences between monsoons and plate tectonics are that monsoons bring water and plate tectonics can createvolcanoes and mountain ranges and can create earthquakes.Some similarities are that they both have an impact on the community, familys and the envorment.
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