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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Biography Birthday: August 19,1946Spouse: Hillary Rodham ClintonChildren: One (Chelsea Clinton)Grew up: Arkaransas OBJECTS Family Medical Leave: The reas-one was so that expecting or adopting mothers/fathers could have the child or get the child.The Medical leave includes taking care of a loved one while they have an illness. Explanation is that you will be able to get off of work if you have someone sick or are getting/having a child. I would say it is successful because we still have it around today. start from scratch[clears the canvas] Violence Against Women Act: The reason is to haveharsher law against the violence against women. So that ifsomeone would to begetting punished theymaybe wouldn't do it again. I believe thatit was a success. They now havea hotline that is 24/7 double click to change this header text! Bill Clinton's Domestic Policies: double click to change this header text! Brady BIll: The reason for this billwas to have more gun control overwhat people bought for guns.Another reason is because JamesBrady ( Reagon's secretary) had been seriously injured by an ass-assination attempt. I would saythat it is successful because itis still around. Three Foreign Polices: Remarks on the signing of Israeli-Palestinian Agreement: Is a agreement where Palestinians willbe able to self-govern themselvesin the land of Israel. Address on Somalia:Basically that we will still have troops in Somalia just not as many and they will be protected a lot better then before. Address on Bosnia:President Clinton advocates U.S. participation in implementing the Bosnian peace agreement. Clinton praises U.S. diplomatic efforts in helping with the peace settlement. The president takes the opportunity to discuss how the U.S. is fundamentally committed to peace and assumes the role as leader of peace in the global community. He explains the plan for NATO forces and civilian agencies to help bring peace to the war-stricken region. Six people are killed and more than a thousand suffer injuries after a bomb planted under the World Trade Center in New York City explodes. The bomb marks the beginning of a string of threats against the United States made during the Clinton administration by both foreign and domestic terrorists. Important Event Good Or Bad? Each President has it's up and it's downsI think that Bill Clinton was not the best President. He did do some good. But he didn't seem to do much will the othercountries. #42 President ( Bill Clinton)
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