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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north east south east west coast represented Lone Survivor Distribution & Exhibition Production Consumer Behaviour Media & Communications Consumer Trends Marketing Lone survivor used print,tv and cinemas as partof its above the linemarketing campaign. .The initial budget was $40,000,000.The director was Peter Berg.Initial Pre-Production started onthe 15th September 2012.Pricipal Photography started in October 2012..Universal were the main productioncompany but Creative Autonomy were also involved..Special effects were used, the companies involved were Image Engine Design and ILM..Mark Wahlberg is in the film and he's a big Hollywood actor so this gives the film a fan base who are already interested in watching it. An example of through the line advertisingwas the Twitter page set up for the filmhad 32.8k followers so people couldsee regular updates about the film. The distributors for the filmwere Universal picturesOther films Universal have distributed are things such as TedDespicable Me 2 and many others. Below the line advertising wasn't usedfor this film as it wouldn't have been appropriate because to try and partnerwith another company to advertisesuch a serious topic. double click to change this header text! The film has a good marketabilityas war films appeal to a mass audienceand the fact it was based on a true story would make people want to know about what happned. one of the main obsticles for the film to be a success was the fact it was released on christmasday. Many people would have been busy.
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