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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Skyfall What was the initial budget? $150-200 million When did initial pre-production start? August 2011 When did principal photography start? 7th November 2011 What production companies were involved? Eon pictures, Banjaq and B23. How was casting important for success? Were special effects used? if so, which companies were involved? Yes, Plowman Craven and associates,Blind, Moving picture companies etc... Who was the director and what were their previous successes? Sam Mendes, his previous successes include American Beauty and Revelutionary Road What certificate was skyfall given? 12A What above the line marketingwas used? Billboards featuring Daniel Craig and '007', along with trailers and posterstransport etc... What below the line marketingwas used? Coca-Cola teamed up with Skyfall promoting the film onto their cansand setting up a challenge called 'unlock the 007 in you' causing publicity for both coca cola and also Skyfall. What through the line marketingwas used? Twitter and Facebook pages weremade where fans got to see photosof the actors and sneak peeks intothe progress of the film- creating more excitement for the films releasewhich continues even when the film has been released. How many screens did it openat in the UK/US? UK- more than 1,500 screens What was the release date US and UK? UK- 26th October 2012US- 9th November 2012 Was there any audience participation following the release? Yes, there were a variety ofdifferent mash-up videos madee.g. 'Skyfall rises' and a collaborationof the incredibles and Skyfall. Production Big actors featured in skyfall including Daniel Craig- which attracts attention to the film. Also the fact they Daniel Craig isobviously a familiar face to the bond films means he is easily recognisable meaning people who were fans of the last one will be up for watching the new one. Marketing Distribution Exchange Who were the distributors? Colombia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,Sony Pictures International, Sony PicturesReleasing, Century Fox Home Entertainment,MGM home entertainment, Twentieth CenturyFox home entertainment. What other titles have the distributorsreleased? Spider man 2, White chicks Halloween,Sex Tape, 22 Jump street etc... How would you describe the filmsmarketability? The marketability for Skyfall was very goodthis is because of the fact that Skyfall was adding on to an already extremely popular series of films. Meaning fans of the previous films were pretty much guaranteed to makea return, As the film has such a high popularitylots of big companies wanted to sponsor the film including Coca-cola which caused the filmto have an even greater marketability. Identify elements of the downward chain of the films release. Skyfall was released onto DVD on the 12th of February 2013. On November 18th plans weremade to make Skyfall available on demand.
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