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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AMERICAN CITIZEN FREEDOM OF RELIGION NORTH KOREAN CITIZEN vs FREEDOM OF SPEECH In the United States, Freedom of Religion is granted by the constitution. Citizens can practice whatever religion they'd like, without having to fear about being prosecuted. THE UNITED STATES AT NIGHT FREEDOM OF SPEECH Citizens are not aloud to have an opinion about the government. If citizens are caught criticizing the government, they can riskbeing prosecuted into prisoncamps, along with their family. Freedom of Movement is considereda fundamental right, and a state cannot inhibit people from leaving the state by taxing them. Citizens can also travel by air, butmust show a valid passport whenleaving and entering the county. Public Transportation and owningprivate vehicles are often used in the United States. Lit, Electricity in The Majority of The Country NORTH KOREA AT NIGHT One World, Two Countries, Two Different Ideas of Freedom The First Amendment in the Constitution assures that citizens have the right to freedom of expression. Although there are special restrictions under the first amendment which include, incitement to imminent violence, true threats, defamatory speech and obscenity. Freedoms of an Individual Between Two Different Countries Citizens are not aloud tomove freely around their country. Citizens are alsonot aloud to leave the country.Public Transportation is mainly used. To even own a car, citizens are never aloudto drive alone and havelimited access to fuel. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FREEDOM OF THE MEDIA (INTERNET ACCESS) Normal citizens don't get access to the "internet". That privilege is left to a select number in the country, known as elites, as well as some academics and scientists. Those who do have access to the internet only have 1,000-5,500 websites on North Korea'sinternet, these websites onlyinclude censored and monitoredsites by the North Korean Government. The Constitution actually grants "freedom of religion,"although the government does not respect this right. Citizens who spread religion and practice religion can be harshly punished in North Korea. Dark, No Electricity Besides The Capital, Pyongang FREEDOM OF THE MEDIA (INTERNET ACCESS) 87% of American Citizens have accessto the internet. The First Amendment in the Constitution protects citizensright to access the internet freely, without censorship. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FREEDOM OF RELIGION
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