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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The giving of the red envelopes and all New Year gifts are supposed to bring the receiver blessings and more happiness. Energy, Happiness, Good Luck Red Envelopes and Gift Exchange Elders (especially your parents and grandparents): always 4002,000 yuanYounger generation without income: always 50200 yuanOwn children: always 100 yuan to the amount you are happy to giveEmployees: always 1001,000 yuan Rules of Exchanging Gifts Colors to Avoid:White- Associated with funeralsBlack & Blue-Symbolize deathColors to Use:Red, Yellow & Gold-Symbolize wealth and prosperity Typical Amount Given (In The Envelopes) Giving gifts of money in an amount that includes a four/group of four things as a gift because the pronunciation of four is veryclose to the pronunciation of deathNumbers to Use:Gifts given in sets of eight- considered goodluck Numbers to Avoid: Gift Exchange Etiquette:Use 2 hands to receive a gift- shows respect towards giver of gift Money given should be new and crisp- disrespectful to give old or torn money When receiving a gift say thanks and put gift aside to open alone later Gifts to Avoid Sharp Objects-indicates you want to cut off your relationship with themShoes- word for shoes sounds exactly like a word for evilHandkerchiefs- typically given at the end of a funeral so giving them as a present indicates you want to say bye foreverClocks-saying "giving a clock" is verysimilar to the words for "attending a funeral ritual" meaning it is bad luck to give a clockPears-word for pears is similar to the word for leaving Umbrellas-word for umbrella is similarto the word for breaking upMirrors-believed to attract malicious ghosts -Are red because red symbolizes energy, happiness and good luck-important part of giving red envelopes is the envelopes themselves and not the money inside. -Giving of the red envelopes with money inside is supposed to bring the receiver blessings and more happiness.- Considered rude to open the envelope in front of the person who gave it to you. -Red packet is called yasui qian: translates to suppressing ghosts money
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