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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NoFather Grew Up In The City Poor "25% of kids with a single parent drop out of high school" Brothers had to help earn money at an early age "Children who live in poverty tend to have worse adult outcomes than those in high-income families" (Ratcliffe) Mom wanted to protect him from this Single mother can't take care of her kids ConstantlyRelocating Struggles to maintain job and take care of children Exposed to violence and crime Why LeBronJames Would Not Have Pursued a Career in Professional Sports A Life on the Streets "It was all I really cared about when I was growing up, waking up knowing that my mom was still alive and still by my side. I already didn't have a father, and I didn't want to be without both parents" (Bissinger 13) "I didn't like looking for trouble,because I didn't like trouble. But I was on the edge of fallinginto an abyss from which I couldnever escape." (Bissinger 15) "I knew I would never live thereunless some miracle happened,something fell from the sky, ashooting star that landed on topof me and my mom and made ourlives better and carried us up fromthe projects" (Bissinger 6-7) "In sixth grade the roles reversed, and I stayed with her during the weekand with the Walkers on the weekends. Then she lost her apartment she was living in, and I stayed with the Walkers again for a short time. There was a discussion I might move to Rochester, New York, but I had assimilated into the Walker family so much that Pam felt it would be taking one of her children away if I moved to a different city." (Bissinger 16)
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