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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Business Value 3% Allegro Health Assessment Fixed/Variable Minor Enhancments& How to 48% 48% User and Cost Profiles determine Cost Drivers Deals and Contracts managed in Allegro Continue to Climb Allegro captures transactions for the GPM business.It provides functionality for deal capture, contract administration, scheduling, and accounting. Application Spending RUN 75% GROW20% TRANSFORM5% Security Currency Availability CHEMICALS REFINERIES UPSTREAM CORPORATE EMIT 100% Users Business Capability Sales and Marketing Management Annual Costto Operate$150M $3.2B $150M Annual IT Cost Annual Revenue Managed Average Deal No. Transactions No. Users $12M 108kmonthly 800 internal150 external User Profile Users IDs EVERLogged in Annually Users IDs Logged in atLEAST Monthly Users IDs Loggedin at LEAST Monthlyfor LONGER THAN20 minutes 725 360 175 950 Fixed Variable $26M How-To$7.5M Minor Enhancements$18.9M $35M Forced250K Incident95K Change550K Variable Fixed Incidents Cost driven by User Requeststo change or modify the applicationand inquiries on how to usethe software.Reducing changes and trainingusers could reduce this cost. Cost driven by implementation ofchanges and updates to the software.May require additional investmentto mitigate. The more fixed the cost structureof an application, the more difficultit is to influence the cost bychanges in utilization.The relatively low fixed cost of thisapplication indicates that howthe application is used a a signficantoverall cost driver. Total IDs ExxonMobil Information Technolgy 2015 YEAR 2015 Decision Rights & Cost Per User $157K Cost Per Transaction $115 JANUARY
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