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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Political Machines Professional politicians who control political machines in cities, counties, or states in apparent democratic regimes. They governed the party, machine and controlled the politicians Political Bosses Party Loyalists Election District Captains Supported the machine with votes andfinancial support in return for jobs, favorsand help provided by bosses and election district captains.The machine provided immigrants with social services andjobs in return for their votes. Captains mobilized and organized support at the neighborhood level.They could help family membersfind jobs with the government, assist with minor legal problems, and they often operatedinformal social service agencies, providingmoney, food, clothing, and shelter to destitute constituents. To its critics, a political machine is a corrupturban regime ruled by a boss and his cronies.To its defenders, the machine steps in where citygovernment has failed to provide essential servicesto its residents. Tammany Hall William Tweed engineered a new city charterthat gave New York City control over its own budget.Tweed gained the support of immigrants, particularlythe Irish who would give their votes in exchangefor money and food. He leveraged the city heavily with municipal bonds and embarked on a massive, and very corrupt, campaign of public works to modernize the city. He was able to pass a charter allowing him and his friendsto control the city treasury. Therefore turning the Tammany Society into a Political Machine.
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