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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Democratic management ... The definition of a democratic manager is a manager who thrives to motivate and to trust the employees.Namely, by giving the staff more responsibility and authority to complete tasks on their own. Therefore, the staff will feel more belonging and motivation towards their workIn addition, a two-way communication will lead to better ideas and suggestions. That way both the manager and the employees can participate in the decision-making by giving advice and discussing, in the best possible way. By using the two-way communication the manager will at all times know his employees opinions, and the employees will feel that their ideas or opinions are going to be considered and they can tell the manager what they agreed and do not agreed on. All employees have different set of skills and talents that gives the democratic management-style a broad range of input that leads to the best decisions. - To discuss a decision requires some experience or a set of skills, so that the decision will not be made on guessing or the best possible outcome.- When you discuss the problem/situation with all of the staff, it might take some time to reach the final decision since everybody will come with their opinion.- The employees can take advantage of the democratic management to not do all that they are supposed to, an lean more on others to fulfil the work task. - The organisation must be able to take on this kind of management style, some organisations may not be able to manage in a democratic way.- To be able to have a democratic management the manager and his/hers employees must be open to all ideas, respect and listen to each other. - The democratic management reduces the gap between the manager and the employees, and creates an environment where everyone can discuss thier opinion - The relationship between different levels within the organisation will improve by working together and using two/way communications
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