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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the Share-a-ride initiative Share-a-ride THE IDEA Rafflesians interaction between schoolmates, With the purpose of bringing convenience to livingfar away from school and allowing more this initiative proposes a where schoolmates living far away from school can not just share a ride but also memories and friendships. carpooling system HOW IT WORKS System run byStudent's Council Interested students with family-owned cars can sign up as hosts Students without private transport-ation can sign up as passengers Information collated by Council and hosts and passengers grouped according to location of home Carpool location and time arranged in private WHAT IT MEANS no need to rise early for public transport hence sleep cars on the road, carbon footprint Forge friendships with strangers that willlast a LOOOONG time!!! CHALLENGES FURTHER DEVELOPMENT We may not be able to cater to all as some may live in areas thatare inconvenient for hosts. Arrangements can be made for the passenger to be picked up at a more convenient location instead. As some may not want to commit as they can be uncomfortable with riding with strangers, hence we can conduct sessions to break the ice before letting them decide. Initiative by Yao Jia Yun EdwardClass 16A13A &
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