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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The sunshine state Florida gets very hot in the summer and some days inthe winter.That is partiallywhy we are called the sunshine state. Another reason we are calledthe sunshine state is because of allit's beaches double click to change this header text! Florida's state fruit is theOrange because floridacan get over 2,345 orangesa year. Florida's big boomall started when Henry Flagler andHenry plant made the 2 first train tracks in florida.It made people have a way to get here.But then they needed somethingto do. So peoplemade things likehotels,theme parks,and lots of other things.ButFlorida's big bust all started when things gotvery expensive so only rich peoplecould afford to buy things. Florida's big boom and bust 2 florida's explorers who came to florida and their goal 1. Ponce de leon tried to find the mystical fountain of youthbut didn't find it.2. Sir Frances Drake came to rob and find gold. Famous places in florida 1.Disney world2.Clearwater gardens Florida's Space Program The Florida space program wasa part of the big boom becauseit drew alot of costumers. It broughta lot of people into space. Three of florida's native tribes Three of florida's nativetribes are apalachee,timuka,and calusa. How are civic duties important to florida? Civic duties are important to floridabecause civic duties are thingslike people who pick up trash at beachesand streets so it doesn't polutethe air or water and we need that. Three ways our state constitutions protects the rights of Florida 1. It gives us equal rights2. It provides home care3. It gives the right to vote Spanish American War effects Florida The effect was the army got amazing ships. floridas involvement in the civil rights movement Rosa Parks refused to give her seat on the bus to a white man. So she got arrested. Two pieces of info how Spanish rule affected florida 2 ways that Spanish rule effected florida is they were the foundersof florida and they fought for our state. Florida's role in the civil war florida's role during the civil war is that they were in charge of the supplies.
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