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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Frances (Fanny) Burney 1752 Born June 13th Born in King's Lynn, Norfolk. Daughter of Charles Burney and his first wife Esther Sleepe. Early literary life Educated herself by reading at home. Around the age of 8 she began to write plays, poems, journals, and a novelall of which she voluntarily destroyed by the age of 15. 1778 Published Evelina anonymously at the age of 26. *First novel* Evelina brought a great deal of fame for Burney. She was taken up by literary and high society and became the first woman to make writing novels respectable. Her second novel Cecelia brought even more fame. 1782 *Published second novel- Cecelia* Other published works The Witlings (1779)Edwy and Elgiva (1790)Hubert de Vere (1788-91?)The Siege of Pevensey (1788-91?)Elberta (1788-91?)Brief Reflections Relative to the French Emigrant Clergy (1793)Camilla (1796)Love and Fashion (1799)A Busy Day (1800)The Woman-Hater (1800)The Wanderer (1814) Presented to Queen Charlotte and King George III 1785 1786 Invited to court to be keeper of the robes to Queen Charlotte.Spent the following 5 years unhappy with her position untilthe queen gave her special permission to resign her position in 1791. 1793 July 28- Married Alexandre d'Arblay, an aristocratic but penniless French refugee 1795 Gave birth to only child, Alexander. 1796 Published Camilla and used the profits to build the d'Arblay home which theycalled the "Camilla Cottage." 1802-1812 Visited France with her husband andson and was forced to stay there for10 years due to the renewal of the Napoleonic Wars. 1815-1818 End of Waterloo in 1815.Returned to Bath with her son and husband.Husband Alexandre died in 1818. *Stopped writing fiction after the death of her husband* *Moved back to London upon being widowed* Published the Memoirs of Doctor Burney in memory of her father. 1832 1840 January 6- Died in London at the age of 47.Is buried at St Swithin's, Walcot,Bath, alongside her husband and son. References Frances Burney Infographicby Ashley Stevens
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