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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 about 1700 BC around 600 BCE around 3200 BCE around 3000 BC Around 1500 BC, actually One of the earliest forms of written expression is cuneiform in Sumer (civilization ofMesopotamia), is believed to be the place where written language was first invented It's generally agreed that true writing of language was invented independently Mesoamerica too The first alphabets appear on the coasts of Syria and Palestine and consist of 25 to 35 signs, each of which represent one sound *resources: images:1.Arisst Von Bielefeld (2012) Chimichanga de naranja: Una mirada a la historia de la comunicación grafica. 2.historia La escritura cuneiforme "La invención de la escritura" 4 Carmen Madruga, (junio 08 2010) tipos de escritura. 5 Colombia solutions, las redes sociales y el nuevo mundo de hoytext:1wikipedia, history of writing 2 Carmen Madruga, (junio 08 2010) tipos de escritura 3 sala de prensa, el nacimiento de una nueva escritura ¿Quiénes somos?¿Qué hacemos? it's a system of human communication by meansof agreed signals that represent language Some of the oldest surviving evidence comes from Egypt, writing transforms and each sign comes to represent a syllable, which is consierablemente reduced the number of signs One of the oldest is the Phoenician alphabet of Ugarit, the other is the Hebrew alphabet THE END?? a newwriting has born, a revolution in language meaning is the massive use of social networks like facebook and twitter, they have imposed a different form of communication, especially twitter, with its messages restricted to 140 characters.
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