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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Psychology Of Color In Marketing And Branding Boastfulness,Secrecy,Unreliability, Reticence,Fence-sitting,andOff-handedness! Communication,Clarity of thought,Balance & Harmony,Calmness, Idealism,Creativity, inspiration and Self-expression. TURQUOISE TURQUOISE Critical, Judgmental,Overly analytical,Impatient, Non-emotional and Lacking compassion! Cheerful, Happy, Playful, Fun,Optimistic, Logical, Confidence, Creativity,Challenging and Wisdom. Selfish, Greedy,Miserly,Indifferent,devious with money,inconsiderate andOver-cautious! Aloof,Depressing,Serious,Power & ControlSadness and Negativity! YELLOW YELLOW Immaturity, Impractical,Cynical, Aloof,Pompous, Arrogant,Fraudulent and Corrupt! Creative, Inventive,Psychic, Humanitarian,Selfless, Unlimited mystery,Fantasy andThe future. PURPLE PURPLE PINK Over-emotional,Being immature, Girlish,Lack of will power and Lack of self worth! Growth, Calm,Nature lover,Family oriented,Down to earth,Sympathetic,compassionateand nurturing. GREEN GREEN PINK GRAY Knowledge, Wisdom,Security, Perceivedas long-lasting,Classic, Professional,and mature. BLUE Too conservative,Predictable, Weak,Unforgiving, Frigid,Manipulation andUnfaithfulness! Loyalty, Trust, Reliability, Peace, Calm, Idealistic,Responsibility and Authority. Boring, Rigid, LonelyLifeless, Subtle, Reserved,and Cold! GRAY Aggression,Anger andQuick-tempered! Action, Power,Energy, speed,Attention, GettingMotivating, Exciting,Warm, Spontaneous,and Confident. Hope, Calming,Sweetness, Understanding,Warmth, Feminine, Intuitive and energy. BLUE RED Authority, Power,Control, Protection,Comfort, Strong,Sophisticated, Mysterious,Endings & Beginnings. RED for one good andbad resource on thetopic to contrast Positive Color Meanings Negative Color Meaning BLACK BLACK Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%! Research has reinforced that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not toa message -based on color alone! COLOR & BRAND IDENTITY By: Reema AL-Nami
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