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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COLOR & BRAND IDENTITY Research has reinforced that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message - based on color alone! Positive Color Meanings:Negative Color Meanings: Positive Color Meanings:Negative Color Meanings: Color increases brand recognitionby up to 80%! The Psychology of color in Marketing and Branding Positive Color Meanings:Growth, emotionally balanced,calm,nature lover,family oriented,practical,down to earth,sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing.Negative Color Meanings:Selfish, greedy,miserlydevious with money,inconsiderate,indifferent and over-cautious. Positive Meanings:action, power, energy, speed,attention-getting, motivating,exciting, warm, spontaneous,and confident. Negative Meanings:aggression,anger andquick-tempered Positive Color Meanings:Warmth, hope, calming,sweetness,understanding,feminine and intuitive energy. Negative Color Meanings:Having emotional neediness,being immature,girlishlack of will power and lack of self worth. RED P!NK GREEN Positive Color Meanings:Loyalty, trust,reliability ,peace,calm,idealistic,responsibility and authority. Negative Color Meanings:Too conservative, predictable,weakunforgiving, frigid,manipulation and unfaithfulness. BLUE Positive Color Meanings:innocence,purity, cleanliness,simplicity,open and new beginnings.Negative Color Meanings:sterile, stark,empty,cautious,critical and boring. WHITE Positive Color Meanings:intellect, knowledge,wisdom, securityperceived as long-lasting,classic,professionaland mature. GRAY Negative Color Meanings: boring, rigid, lonely lifeless subtle,reserved, subtle, cold Positive Color Meanings:authority, power, controlprotection and comfortstrong,sophisticated, mysteriousendings & beginningsNegative Color Meanings:aloof,depressing, seriouspower & controlsadness and negativity BLACK double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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