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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monthly Active User Twitter Twitter is a social network that allows users to share information and to express yourself with text, photos or video. Therefore, twitter users canfollow what they like such as celebrity or news. They can advertise products or entertain with celebration. Thus, Twitter provides a lot of benefit to users who could be connecting with the the world easily. Age Distribution Top 5 Countries of Twitter User Gender Analyzes Twitter users are mostly younger. Younger people are fluent withthe social networking. On the other hand, older people are hard tocaught up with the technology and they have to take time to caught up with it. Twitter user base was demonstrated by geographic distribution. United States is highest than other countriesaround the world such as United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil,and Canada. description here description here description here 51% 11% 22% Active users are on Mobile Users never sent a tweet 78% 46% 44% 47%Male 53%Female United States Brazil Canada Australia United Kingdom 50.99% 3.44% 4.09% 17.09% 2.92% Twitter analyses the data of gender has 66% of 36 million Twitter users by measuring on twitter profile pictures, user names and otherfactors. Twitter demonstrate 6% of females are higher thanmales. Over 1 billion people use twitter everyday and 255 million are monthlyactive user. Per day was sent by 500 million tweets, and 391 milliontwitter account don't have follower. User tweet at least once in a day Source: Twitter Celebrity Most Follower 70 % 62 % 56 % 50 % h Twitter Communication Startistic 15 - 25 36 - 45 46 - 66+ Ages 26 - 35 73.77 % 14.9 % 5.5 % 5.9 % Twitter spreads to the world Twitter Lover Friends Musics Business Marketing Follow Artist Living Media Designer World Fun Years Grop Advertise
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