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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Transmission/Causes: The exact cause is unknown. Here is some risks--Dialysis treatment, family history, high BP, horseshoe kidney, Polycystic kidney disease, smoking, hereditary disease that affectsblood vessels in brain,eyes & other body parts. S/S: Abdominal pain and swelling, back pain, blood in the urine, swelling of the veins around the testicle, flank pain & weight loss. Cures:Depends on how much the cancer has spread and how well treatment works. Prevention:STOP SMOKING! Follow health care provider's recommendationsin treatment. Occurrence:*61,560 new cases of kidney cancer & about 14,080 deaths fromthis. *Seen in patients older than 45. *Getting this isabout 1 in 63. *Lifetime Risk is higher in men than in woman. Description:Type of kidney cancer that starts in the lining of very small tubules in the kidney. It has problems transporting waste molecules from the blood to the urine.*AKA Renal adenocarcinoma, hypernephroma, and Grawitz Tumor* Renal Cell Carcinoma Appearance: Excessivehair growth in female, pale skin, vision problem*Performed by physical exam. By: Giovanna Chavarria Treatments: Hormone treatments may make the tumor smaller in some cases. The immune system medicine interleukin-2(IL-2) may be used to treat kidney cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy usually don't work for treating kidney cancer.*Nephronectomy is recommended.*
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