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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technology v.s no Technology The argument about no technology or technology has been going on for years, but I for one think we should have technology. Obviously I care for technology but it can be badThis is for various reason but i will just show you evidence.The articles are mainly about why technology is bad and good. Against technology For technology scientist have proved thatpeople who use social media know more people with various backgrounds witch boosts peoplesocial life Scientist say that it causes people to multitask witch is badbecause when try to do an individual activity its very hard to focus As said in the article peoplethat use social media havemore close confidants (if you haven't noticed you need technology to get on any social media,internet browser and googlecrome browser) A reason for using technology being good is that images of brains show that people that surf the internet are better at finding information Another thing proven is that people took three times asmuch info. in a day in 2008 than in 1960 Tests have also shone that when playing video games it can have a negative influence on children Test results have shone that people that receive email duringan activity it increases stresslevels other than people that don't get an email while doing an activity scientist have also proven that when using social media you get a boost of dopamine (a thing in you brain that keeps you happy ) witch helps with depression Technology can effect the way you do things as well Video games have an effecton paying attention to surroundingswhen playing them Technology will also make it hardto get off after using for the firstor anytime at all
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