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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gatbsy tells Nick about his past but he was lying. when Nick and Gatsby are out at lunch, Gatsby are out at lunch with Meyer Wolfshiem. Later at Nicks and Jordans tea date, Nick finds out that Gatsby wants him to invite daisy over for tea. Nick is invited to one of Gatsys party which is weird because no one is invited. He meets up with Jordan there and he hears a lot of rumors about Gatsby and he is wondering who this guy is. Nick stumbles upon Gatsby and Jordan finds out exciting news about Gatsby. Gatsby urges Daisy to tell Tom that she never loved himso she can be with him. They go to town and Gatsby and Tomget into a verbal fight. Daisy was driving home and hit Mrytle Wilson with Gatsbys car and killed her We learn that Gatsbys real name is James Gatz from Norht Dakota. Gatsby gets very upset after he finds out that Daisy did not enjoy his party. Nick reminds Gatsby that he can't repeat the past while he is visioning his first kiss with Daisy. Gatsby is nervous because he is wondering if Nick will invite Daisy over for tea or not, Gatsby wants to see her again. At first Gatsby and Daisy are very awkward but they broke the awkwardness. They endedup going to Gatsbys house where Daisy sees all of this wonderful stuff. Nick Carroway moves to New York to work in the bond business. You also meet his cousin Daisy, her husband Tom and her best friend Jordan Baker. Tom is very wealthy and you also learn that he has a mistress Nick and Tom take a train into town. Tom shows Nick the Valley of Ashes where they meet Mrtyle, toms mistress.They go to an apartment and have a small party with some of Toms and Mrytles friends, Tom hits her after bring up his wife.
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