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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buying Used Car In India What Things You Should Check Exterior & Interior Checks Planning to buy a used car? Here is what you should check to evaluate used cars. 1. Registration Certificate2. Form 32 & 353. Service Book4. Insurance5. Car Purchase Receipt6. Duel Fuel Certification (for retro fitment only) In 2014 the total size of the used car market in India was 3 million. With reputed car manufacturing brands entering this market segment, the Indian used car buyer is spoilt for choices. Basic Checks To Evaluate A Used Car 1. Performance2. Reliability & Safety3. Operating Cost5. Overall Look Documentation Checks 1. Wiper: The wiper blades should not leave any marks behind. 2. Windshield: Should be free from scratches and spots. 3. Seat Cover & flooring: Check if the interior of the seat matches with the mileage. A car with 20k kms & the drivers side shows signs of wear & tear, stay away from that one.4. Welds: Look around for welds in sills or bonnet. 5. Tyres: The threads of the tyres should not be smooth and worn out. 6. Mileage: The lower the mileage the more life will be left in the car. Test Drive 1. Balancing & Tracking: The car should go not veer off to one side or wobble and vibrate.2. Brakes: Test drive on a traffic free road and do an emergency stop to check the power of the brakes.3. Clutch: While going uphill the car engine should not rev unnecessarily.4. Lights & Electricals: Check the head lights, tails lights and indicators are working properly. Plus also check if the interior light is also functional. For cars with power window, check if it works smoothly.5. Air Conditioning: The AC of the car should blow cool air; else it might be in need of gas refill.6. Suspension: Push the drivers side front and see if it resists and comes back quickly.
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