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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Haitian Revolution In 1803 Napoleon and Toussaint agreed to terms of peace, but when Toussaint arrived Napoleon betrayed safe conduct and ordered Toussaint to be arrested. Place in a prison dungeon and murdered by the col,starvation, and neglect. Toussaint LOuverture drove out Napoleon and led the country to independence. He believed inwhat his father always told him that he was more than just a slave.Him and the slave army successfully fought the French also invading Spanish and British. Maximilien Robespierres group called the Jacobins wasresponsible for the Reign of Terror. The Jacobins considered the issue ofequalityand voted to end slavery in the French colonies. The amount of people that died during the revolution were between 3,000 and 5,000 The important battles September 24th ,1791 National Assembly September 26th ,1791 Le Cap is burned by rebelling August 1802 Saint dominique receives news of Bonapartes may decree that established slavery in Martinique , Tobago and Sainte-Lucie April 30, 2803 France cedes its North American territory to the U.S October 8th,1804 Dessalines is crowned Emperor Jacques of Haiti May 20th , 1805 Jean Jacques Dessalines ratifies Haitis first constitution Haiti today isn't much different from haiti as we know it. Five years ago there was a tragic earthquake that took place in January. This earthquake left over 10,000 victims to grief for either dead family members or lost of their homes. How does this contribute to how they live today? Well, those who lost their homes had to eventually sleep in tents, now even five years later. They are sleeping in those same tents instead of being provided a home. But there is still hope for haiti, they are making improvements slowly but surely. For example, there medical program. Haiti is set to open two open-air medical clinics designed by MASS Design Group to tackle cholera and tuberculosis. They are making greater steps on becoming a greater country for their people.
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