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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Liam's Air Box Liam's Air Box Liam's Air Box Liam's Air Box Liam's Air Box Liam's Air Box Prototype Part 1 Prototype Part 2 Air Bag Have you heard... Good Copy Decorations The Teapot The Teapot Project Prototype (code name: Arctaris)is very close to completion, it ismade of low quality cardboard.The L=27 cm, W=22 cm andH=12 cm. Code name:Arctaris Net The net is that way (:\).The good copy rules willnot apply to the prototype The teapot project is when you get ateapot from a different country andthen build a box for the teapot. You build a box so that you can send the teapot safely to another country. Air bags are a light reliablepacking resource, to protect your breakables while shipping.They are light because they are made up of plastic and air.The packing included 5 airbags. The teapot we received from Australia is white with blue design. It is about 20 cm wide by 25 cm deep and 10 cm in height. Canada's national animalsare the beaver, goose and moose.The most poplar of these animals is the beaver. It appears on the Canadian Nickle which is worth 5 cents. The changes made to good copy from prototype.Length is decreased to26 1/2 cm.Use higher quality cardboard that has been decorated. You can never get anything onthe first try that is what makes it worth doing. Quote by Liam Wellstood the colours blue and red are on the box becausethey are the colours in the Mary Johnson School Logo.The shinny letters for fragile make it stand out.Liam put the Canadian and Singapore flag on the box because we sending the box to Singapore from Canada. Close! Good CopyChanges
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