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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Job Shadowing a Veterinarians Tech-AssistantBy: Kyle Hagan Location: 2600 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106When: October 31 2014, November 7 2014How long I shadow: About 12 Hours (torture) Work Environment: Most Veterinary Assistant work in clinics, animal hospitals, and research laboratoriesNumber of Hours per week (on average): 38-40 hours per weekPayroll: $8.45 - $14.62 per hourly Advantage of being a Veterinary Assistant Some Interview Answer here Education: Most jobs hire veterinary assistant with an associate degree in animals sciences. Number of Years: 2 or 4 years of collegeColleges to attend: North Carolina State University, Cornell University, and DCCC Most students have to go through hand on training which most of it takes places during their job. -Feeding animals -Screening the animals for issues -Cleaning animals cages -Helping the upper veterinary Skills requirement or must have: -Needs to have a passion with animals -Good physical endurance -Must handle emotional strength -COMMUCATION SKILLS -Provide Health insurance -401K retirement benefits -Paid vacations additions to a few off days paid-Discounts on animals food/ supplies-Discounts on animal care-Do not need an Doctoral degree ==( $$$SAVES MONEY$$$)-Flexibility Disadvantage of being a Veterinary Assistant -Too many stressful situations-Emotional situations -Unpredictable animals-Crazy work scdecules
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