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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented Tokyo Quality of Life quality of life Enviornment Economics Enviorment Economics - There have been a lot of floods in the past. - Streets polluted in Dhaka- In all Dhaka is dirty because of its poverty.- 15,00 deaths of air pollution. - The GDP is 160 billion dollars- unemployment rate is 19%- overpopulation and advanced architecture is also a problem - Life very bad- 40% of the city are slums- basic facilites can't be contained like water and heating.- Healthcare blackhole smallest of issues are bad- bad schooling - Very low crime- Quality of Architecture- Medical health care- public transport- climate - Buisness conditions - Great architecture make companies stay there.- lots of companies boost economy.-companies have shopping and great architecture so there is are a lot of tourists.- GDP is 1.5 trillion dollars - A lot of co2 automobiles- On every house or building there is a plant balconies to balance out the co2- lot of plants in schools and buildings.- 1.5 acers of vegetation. Dhaka Cause Effect Cause Effect - Because of the 1964 olympics.- Bullet fast trains and great architecture.-A lot of co2 and pollution would be good economy, good lifestyle but lot of unemployed and poor. Lots more tourist and tourists attractions and companies to the cities some pollution and crime but maintains good ratio - Poverty as well as unemployment.- floods and a lot of pollution - A health care blackhole.- 40% of the city are slums- overpopulation and a lot of deaths from pollution- very dirty bad quality of life Dhaka Tokyo vs Dhaka Do people in Tokyo or Dhaka have a better life?
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