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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 English Poet Christina Georgia Rosseti Christina's Life Story: double click to change this header text! Born in December 5, 1830 and died December 29, 1894. She was a famous poet that wrote a variety of romantic, devotional, and religion poems. Christina was an anglo catholicism therefore she strongly believed in religion. All her time was dedicated to her church group which was called "sisterhood'. They worked to reduce female dependence on male and had a huge impact on women. She has been through a lot in her lifetime. Her family faced many financial issues because of her father's mental and physical health. For that reason she was diagnosed with depression and she decided to leave school. Later on she was diagnosed with religious mania. Her religion was her life and would give up anything for it. She was divorced twice because she choose her faith over her husbands.Years later she ended with Graves Disease which was her turning point in her life, but she was strong because all her emotions & sorrow were written in her poetry.That is how she conntected with people. She was inspired to write about her life and what she believed in. Throughout her years she has written over 400 poems and the themes in her poetry focus on love and death.When she was 12 years old she wrote her first poem, called "Heaven" and after that her work got more significant. Poetry: Globin Market The Globin Market is one of her most famous poems that she has written.It symbolizes religion because it is about being tempted to eat a fruit like the bible story Adam and Eve.Her message was to never fall into temptation, don't trust a man, and there is no friend like a sister. Her poetry made a change to society and many people admire her work.
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