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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Causes and Effects of Earthquakes what happens to the earth:During an earthquake there are positive and negative effects to it. some of the positive effects to an earthquake for the earth is that there would be more new land that was blown up. there would bemore space and land to build your house. If the population decreases, then there will be less compititionbetween the villagers fighting over food, and other supplies. Some of the negative effects are that the land can get distorted.This can be a problem because most of the countries that have earthquakes are very poor and they cannot afford to fix the land,so the roads get very bumpy and wrecked. The parts that got wrecked will always be like that because they do not have enough money to fix it so the land will always be wrecked. what happens to the people: During an earthquakes many people die, and get severly injured. The earthquake caused many houses to fall and crash down. The problem is that once all the houses fall and crash the people don't have the money to pay for it, and they loose their house for good.then they have to live on the streets and then they cant provide for their family and they become absolutely poor. This can happen in a lot of poor countries. One of the good things that can happen in a natural disaster like this one is that if you enough money, which is highly unlikely, but if you do there is more space and land to build a new house. what happens to the infrastructure: During earthquakes the infrastructure is not the best because, the buildings are not that stable, and they can fall and claps easily. If some of the buildings fall, they cant just leave it there so they would have to pay money to rebuild and fix it. But Haiti does not just have money lying around. Some of the negative effects on having this earthquake could be if the buildings fall they do not have enough money to fix it, and if there are any buildings that have fallenthere could have been many people in them and they would have died, and this is what causes population decreastion. 2010 Earthquake Haiti facts:In the 2010 earthquake of Haiti, there were about300,00 people that died. More than 70% of Haiti was living on US 2$ a day. 86% of port-au prince were living in slums and tightlypacked places. only one-third of port-au prince had access to tap water. 300,00 people of port-au prince were injured.
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