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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 Facts about Avon 6 Million Receives What is Web 2.0? Over 10 billions dollars annual - 8.5 billion pounds. The main users of Web 2.0 applications/tools are gainingbenefits through it's use, such as; increased knowledge,effective marketing (through social media) thus havinga measurable effect on the business - and from these, the following will be the benefits:- 69% of businesses have reported/gained business benefitsand profits.- Linking the business with customers and suppliers through Web 2.0 tools.- Strengthen bonds and communication with customers; including external clients.- Decreases marketing time for products.- Improves employee satisfaction.- Increases in revenue.- Strengthen companylinks by including customersto cite blogs, inviting feedbackfrom users.- Customer participation in thecreation of products. This is the 2nd generation of on-line technology that has the ability to collaborate more, have better user interactivity, greater network coverage of connectivityand enhanced communication channels. This now enables users to have personal/business input into the content of the web, and in some cases 'real time controlover it.' It is now much easier to communicate information with on an individualbasis, select group, community or even the wider audience. this includes: Blogs, Wikis, Social Networking, Pod Casts and Video Sharing. A Leading Beauty Company Representatives over 100 countries The Future of Web 2.0 for Avon The company, for more than 125 years has held visions for beauty, innovation and optimism and overall, WOMEN. Future Vision - Semantic Web The Semantic Web is the future vision for Avon as it is an extensionof Web 2.0 (current web application). It is set to provide a more efficient and effective integration across its current applications. It will provide infrastructures that will enable computers and peopleto work in partnership. It already provides technologies to improvewhat there already is, which include; database linking, content sharing between applications and other apps which combine currentweb services This includes searching and filtering information, new languages to allow more information which will benefit future marketing of products; providing more revenue and profitfor the company.
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