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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 xamine the Technology Choices, Then Decide What to Use TECHnology and Literacy for Adolescents with Disabilities arget the Students Needs and the Learning Outcome TECH as a Framework for Selectingand Using Technology reate Opportunities to Integrate Technology With Other Instructional Activities andle the Implementation and Monitor the Impact on Students Learning T E C H Teachers canallow studentsto use technologyto complete assignments.Examples couldinclude: -Students can blog reactionsto the text -Create aninfo-graphicdetailing their impressionsof the text Technologychoices must take severalfactors intoaccount: -Individual learning needs (i.e. reading vs. writing) -Learning outcomes (outcomes shouldcorrespond to individual need) Host of technologynow available tostudents strugglingin the classroom. The typeof technology used mustalso be matched upwith the learning needsand outcomes. Research by Wanzek et al. (2006)and Bosseler and Massaro (2003)among others, has shown that technology can be very beneficial to students with learning disabilitiesin the areas of: -Reading Comprehension-Vocabulary-Grammar -Spelling Educators mustbe prepared tonot only assess the types of technology to be used but alsodevelop a method forcollecting evidence ofthe efficacy of the forms of technologythey are using.The ways in which educators can do thiscould include: -Prompts and questions for comprehension-Contributions to in classdiscussions What Types of Technology Aid Students with Disabilities in Developing Literacy Skills? ASR programs, such as those produce byKurzweil EducationalSystems, that offer speech to text capabilities. Audio/ e- books offer students the abilityto hear the words of story as they readalong and adjust thesize of the text. Digital videos and literacy chatsallow students to work at theirown individual pace whileallowing for remote one-on-oneclassroom instruction. By: Margaret King-Sears, Christopher Swanson, and Lynne Mainzer ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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