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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Quantitative Qualitative methods vs. Virtual Ethnography (Qualitative) Semiotics (Quantitative) Manage the data gathered on the internet anthropologically - Interviews (structured/semi-structured)- Participant observation WHAT? DATA? PROS? - Low cost- Little time- Less obtrusive CONS? - De-territorialisation - Members are ubiquitous - Exchanges have a particular rhythm ANALYSE? - Ethnographic observation- Interviewing- Interpretation WHAT? Knowing how social media create meanings and how online communities communicate with each other in this new digital environment DATA? - Visual grammar- Moving images ANALYSE? - Signs analysis- Codes analysis- Paradigmatic analysis PROS? - Well adapted to eploring connotative meanings- Provides unifying conceptual framework and terms for use across the full range of signifying practices CONS? - Relatively loosely defined- Must operate with other analysis techniques- Controversion about seeing film and photographs as languages Usability - analytical methods (Quantative + Qualitative) WHAT? Study of interfaces and HDI processesSubgroups: 1. inspection: test the application, website or software and analyse the interface in order to detect possible interaction problems2. inquiry: get information about user preferences, dislikes, needs and system understanding3. testing: analyse how the interface facilitates or not the interaction PROS? - Usability can say many things about the web or the interaction process- Instrumental approach CONS? - Usability cant say WHY a web generates specific senses and passions- No narrative dimension (very important in e-branding) Bibliography - A SOCIAL SEMIOTIC MULTIMODAL ANALYSIS FRAMEWORKD FOR WEBSITE INTERACTIVITY. Elisabetta Adami: SEMIOTICS FOR BEGINNERS. Daniel Chandler: SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS: HARNESSING THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEB ANALYTICS.
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