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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our last $500,000 will go to the Ubangi River Project,a project that will divert the Nile River into the Congo River, bringing not only better agriculture and less chances for drought to susceptible African countries, but will also provide several new opportunities for the development of Africa as a whole. Electriccity generation enough for the entire continent, railroads, enormous fishing opportunities, increased trade, and a signficantly better economy are just few of the things this project will bring. REACH Budget Plan 1 2 Purchasing Livestock We will buy livestock from the best livestock markets in Africa such as South Africa and Nigeria then donate the cattle and goats and other animals to areas in need.Buying the livestock directly from these marketswill not only feed many people, it will also create benefits for the economy in these countries. Purchase Crops and Farming Supplies Invest Funds to a River Diversion Project 3 4 Irrigation Techniques $650,000 $350,000 for Seeds and $500,000 for Farming Supplies $500,000 We will purchase enough seeds of hardiercrops for the areas in major famine along with supplies like canned goods in case of emergenciesEducating certain people on how to farm will cost nothing, because we will have volunteers for our organization who are willing to work without pay. We will use the same process to help theeconomy in Africa as well as feed people. 3 Irrigation Techniques $500,000 We will spend another part of our money on infrastructure and irrigation systems that will improve the chances for farming despite the droughts that these countries endure. We will purchase the SSTI, a type of irrigation system that works in any ecosystem, from desert sands to heavy clays.It lasts for decades and can be used with both clean water and recycled water with no polishing needed.
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