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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Han Dynasty One of important contributionsof the Han was the establishmentof Confucianism as the officialideology over Legalism. The ancient Chinese had a custom ofburying the dead with pottery imagesof people, animals, and possessions dear to them during life. We learnthis from the Han Dynasty. Liu Pang established the Han dynasty,which would become the most durabledynasty of the imperial age. Beginning early in the 2nd centuryBC, caravans traveled the SilkRoad, a 4,000-mile trade routelinking China with the West.The route began in Sian, Chinaand wound its way to the countriesalong the eastern Mediterraneanshores. From there the silk wastransported to Rome. The height of the Han empire was underthe rule of Emperor Wu Ti, who ruled from140 to 87 BCE. Emperor Wu wanted toexpand his kingdom and did, but at a price.The once abundant coffers of the Hankingdom were empty. Taxes and old policieswere reinstated. This did not go well withthe people and large land owners refused topay taxes. The government overlooked thelarge land cases and over-taxed the peasants.The peasants revolted. From tombs of the Han Empire have come a rich variety of clayfigures of people, animals, andhousehold utensils designed tomake life comfortable in the nextworld. Other objects are wroughtin bronze, inlaid with silver andgold, and elaborately ornamentedwith abstract and fanciful designs.Carvings in jade and bas-reliefs ontomb walls also reached a highdegree of excellence.
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