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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why does it matter where our food comes from? The Food System starts on a farmwhere fruits and vegetables are grown and picked. The Industrial Food System Then the foods are put on a truck or other way of transportation The food can be being transported for a long time and it will waste energy and gas when its being transported Then The Food is taken to a processing plantwhere the food has chemicals, sugars and fats,put into it when it is made into man made food. .................... After the grown foods are put into artificial foods they ar packaged with plastic and sent to a place were they will be sold The food big companies make have pesticidessprayed on them tokeep the bugs off but pesticides are bad for your body. After that they are sold to consumers. The foods can be at a store for a long period of time before sold. After they are sold the foods are consumed by people, they are disposed, and the process restarts. The Local Food system ................................... The local food system starts at a farm, no pesticides will be used in the process of growing the food ............................... After the food is grown it is harvestedby hand Then it is packaged into boxesthat probably will be made ofcardboard After its packaged its driven to a local store or market And why the industrial food system could be haserdous to your health. The foods will probably be sold at a local market where farmers sell their products The food will be sold the same day it arrives at the local market Now, the food is purchased by consumers and usually purchased at local farmers markets.
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