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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chinese Zodiac ELEMENT: WATERcurious, adaptable, resourceful, smart, kind, charming ELEMENT: EARTHprogressive, persistent, alert, courageous, stubborn, adamant ELEMENT: WOODpowerful, protective, brave, ambitious, athletic, expressive ELEMENT: WOOD gentle, dignified, alert, headstrong, polite, persistent ELEMENT: EARTHdominant, hotheaded, courageous, confident, intelligent, risky ELEMENT: FIRE cryptic, determined,intuitive, communicative, stressed, independent ELEMENT: FIRE active, energetic, theatrical, cunning, positive, devoted ELEMENT: EARTHcompassionate, calm, just, defensive, reserved, elegant ELEMENT: METALcompassionate, clever,entertaining, naughty decisive, curious ELEMENT: METAL honest, observant, hardworking, talented, resourceful, open ELEMENT: EARTH brave, kind, honest, trusting, sensitive, loyal ELEMENT: WATERtrusting, generous, loving, gullible, youthful, caring rat ox tiger rabbit dragon snake horse sheep monkey rooster dog pig The Chinese zodiac is a cycle of twelve stations, closely associated with thelunar calendar and the date of Chinese New Year. Every new year is marked by a different zodiac animal. These animals were chosen especially because of their luck or relation to ancient Chinese life. The zodiac is still very impor- tant in Chinese culture as each year has a special personal fortune. The zodiac is based on the Yin and Yang Theory. Each animal is placed, depending on their number of claws, toes, or hoofs, next to another an- imal with opposite odd or even. An odd amount of toes classifies the animal as yang, while an even number of toes is the oppositeyin. in-depth the order by Sophie Guthrie and Abby Eckhardt
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