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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cabri Chapter 7 Plaza Hotel East/West Egg 7. Everyone is getting mad about what is going on and eventually Gatsby snaps at Tom and it scares Daisy. 5. Nick sees Myrtle watching them from the window above George Wilsons garage and sees Tom with Jordan and thinks that Jordan is Toms wife, and she gets very jealous and angry 4. Wilson mentions that him and Myrtle wantto go to west egg when they stopped for gas at George Wilsons Garage 3. Daisy and Gatsby go in one car, and Tom, Nick, and Jordan go in another car 2. At first, no one really listened to Daisys idea, but then Tom wanted to go to town because he saw Daisy tell Gatsby she loved him. 1. It was Daisys idea to go to town because itshot with everyone in the room and all of the tension having to do with Gatsby and Daisy. -at the Buchanans house 3. Myrtle runs out of the garage into the street yelling Beat me! Throw me down and beat me you dirty little coward!” and then is hit by a car driven by Daisy.-WIlsons garage 7. Gatsby waits outside the Buchanan's house to make sure that Daisy got to bed safely.-the Buchanan's house 2. Gatsby and Daisy leave in Toms car and Nick, Jordan and Tom leave in Gatsby's car 5. Tom stops at Wilson's garage and finds out that Myrtle was killed 6. Gatsby tells Nick that he parked Toms car and didn't believe that anyone saw him and Daisy-the Buchanan's house 1. Gatsby told Tom that Daisy never loved him and that she loved Gatsby-at the hotel 6. Tom starts questioning Gatsby of his past and about him going to Oxford and how he got his money, saying that Gatsby was a bootlegger.
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