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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Red Envelope and Gift Exchange Cole Cafaro and Patrick Moeller On Chinese New Year, red envelopes are handed out in order to symbolize happiness, energy, and luck for the upcoming year Red envelopes, which contain money inside, are given out to children by their parents, relatives, and even neighbors on New Years showing wealth Red envelopes are sometimes given to employees at Chinese companies for the New Year, similar to the Christmas bonuses workers in the US received from their bosses. On average, the amount received is equivalent to one months pay. The envelopes are both given and received with two hands. It is considered rude for a recipient to open their envelope in front of the giver The amount of money given in a red envelope depends on the age of the child as well as their relation to the person who is giving the money. As the children get older and become teenagers, they are usually given more money Children often receive larger amounts of money from their parents due to the fact that material items are typically not given around the holidays There are a few unwritten rules when giving money. Amounts that have the number four should be avoided because of its relation to death as well as the number eight. When given, the money should be new, unfolded, and have no wrinkles. People are traditionally expected to start giving red envelopes as soon as they are making their own money in order to share their blessings with others. The amount that should be give varies,depending on the income of an individual.
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