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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 POLLUTION Recycling and saving energy can be an easy way to greatly support the environment, plant and animal life, as well as people. Another truck piled high with trash and waste is dumped into a landfill. Its terrible for the environment and everything in it, so how can people prevent pollution from spreading and becoming even worse? There are so many big and small ways to help the planet. One of the most obvious and effective ways to get involved is to recycle. Lots of types of materials are commonly recycled, but there are three main types: plastic, paper, and aluminum. Although you can always just use a recycle bin more often, one really fun way to recycle plastic and paper is by making art. Crafts can be a great way to spend an afternoon! Different creative ideas can be found online to make useful house items too, from pencil holders to even lamps!2 Reusing plastics can be done in a numerous amount ofways. You'd be surprised how many daily items used in a family's home can be replaced by recycled plastic bottles or plastic bags. Factories can produce toxic and suffocating fumes that are horrible for the Earth, so one easy thing to do is to minimize pollution numbers by saving energy, water, andreducing greenhouse gases. I believe that one reason some people don't feel a very strong need to turn off the lights when they leave a room or simply turn off the running water, is because they really don't have much motivation. When I leave a room, I think of that tiny bit of electricity that I can save and use next time when I really need to. I think of someone who may not be as fortunate as I am to even have it. Only one small slice of energy isn't enough to give someone an evening of light in their home, but if every volt of wasted electricity in America went to good use, plenty of people in need would be able to access what they desire. This is what motivates me to do it. The idea of others joining in. The idea of a brighter future. During a visit to a local zoo one day, I learned that turning off the water when you brush your teeth can actually save gorillas. I was really quite shocked and excited to know that I could help animals in my own house! Saving electricity and water can be so important. Pollution is a hazard to all living things. A few water conservation ideas are: taking shorter showers, throwing trash away instead of down the toilet, and so much more.1 It can even be fun! Another idea is to use spare water to grow flowers or a garden. Don't forget about electricity. Just simple actions like reading a good book instead of watching T.V. saves electricity thatcan be put to good use. Greenhouse gases are produced every year in all sorts of forms, so reducing them can be difficult. Cars use gasoline and when driven,they produce and emit horrible fumes into the air. In the summer, spring, and fall, why not get some exercise by walking or biking insteadof driving? It's one more thing people can do. So many gases are producedevery year.3 It piles up to a LOT. No one can wait for someone to change the future for them. They need to change the future themselves. Cited Sources: 1: 3:
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